Presidi Slow Food


Our land, our province called, once the land of work, has its roots in over 2000 years of history. History that we can still “live” both as a kitchen and as architecture and events that have contributed to giving birth to this beautiful corner of Italy.

Writing, in this article exclusively about culinary history, we like to focus mainly on two products exclusively from our province, namely:

Roman tanning is the oldest cheese in the world. It is the same cheese that the Samnites consumed even before starting to clash with the Romans. Still today they produce it with the same procedures even if there are slightly more “adequate” variations in our times.

Asprinio wine is instead produced from the homonymous asprinia grape only in this corner of the world. The plant is combined with live tutors (elms or poplars) and forms a real plant barrier capable of exceeding 20 meters in height. This cultivation system, called trees, has characterized the landscape of the area between Naples and Caserta for hundreds of years.

Below we leave some links that may interest you for everything that belongs to our millenary agricultural and food tradition.
We have already talked about Asprinio wine and Roman tanning, but our province is full of many other things.

These Slow Food presidia, scattered throughout the province of Caserta, once called Terra di lavoro, give the opportunity to know much more, history also has its own importance. Visit the medieval village of Caserta Vecchia and taste some medieval recipes or visit the amphitheater of Santa Maria Capua Vetere where the rebel slave, Spartacus, fought. Our Earth is rich in every variety of things, a week is not enough to be able to stop with us!