Animals regulation

If you are as fond of me as I am, I fully understand the desire to always keep it with you, it is now an integral part of the family. Don’t worry, we are always welcome even if there are rules to be respected, because we have to accept that there are a multitude of people who despite suffering from animals can suffer from some pathology, such as allergy to hair or even people who do not like to stay where there are animals or that are afraid, we must accept it is democracy, my freedom ends where yours begins. So we had to draw up rules to respect both.

  • At our facility pets are allowed, upon notice;
  • In the common areas of the structure, animals must be brought on a leash or in a cage;
  • Small and medium sized dogs are allowed, they must not exceed 12-15 kg;
  • maximum one pet is allowed;
  • The guest must be adequately equipped for the well-being of his / her animal, including travel carriers and dog beds;
  • It is absolutely forbidden to pick up the animal on the beds, armchairs, chairs, tables etc .;
  • In the rooms the animals must not be left unattended;
  • The pet must be used to living in the house and in a cleaning regime. If your pets cause too much mess, you may be asked to pay a supplement. The barking of dogs or the meowing of cats can disturb neighbors;
  • Pet owners accept full responsibility for damages that may result from animals.