Vino Asprinio

What a great little wine! These were the words that the writer Mario Soldati used in describing this nectar. In our area it is the wine par excellence, light and fresh, our grandparents used to taste it as a thirst quencher, frozen, on torrid summer afternoons.
We say that his “death” is to accompany him with Mazzoni mozzarella, I think there is nothing more sublime, in summer, on the beach to be able to taste it frozen accompanied with mozzarella and tomato! However good you are, you cannot make the idea describing it, you have to live it in the moment. It is a true symphony of the senses!

The summer heat, the sound of the surf of the sea, the sea breeze that caresses you while you sip this wine accompanied by an excellent mozzarella … It is also used as a base for the best champagne and sparkling wines.

I refer you to this page of the Gambero Rosso for a more technical explanation.