BnB Ferdinando I


WELCOME to Ferdinando I

Below are some routes to get to our B&B

  1. If you arrive in Caserta by train or bus, to get to the B&B it takes more or less 15 minutes walk. View or download the pdf by clicking on the WALKING button with the path to be done
  2. If you come from the South (Reggio Calabria, Salerno etc etc), from Puglia or Naples and / or from Capodichino airport it is advisable to leave the motorway at Caserta Sud.
    Click on CASERTA SUD button for to open/download pdf with the route.
  3. If you come from Rome or from the north, you have two options..
  4. One is to exit from the motorway at the Caserta Nord, the route is shorter but busier, moreover to get to the structure you must also pass in front of the Royal Palace of Caserta, click on the Caserta Nord button.
  5. If you prefer to avoid city traffic, you will need to take a slightly longer route. Exit at the S. Maria C.V. and follow the signs for Caserta.
    Click on the S. Maria C.V. button to view or download the pdf.